Yellow Solo is a project space presenting time-based, process-based and music-related artworks. The compact room is a former storage room located in the office of ag-prop, a digital studio in Berlin. In addition to presenting works of art, the program includes concerts, screenings, open studio works, clubbing or even a complete formal and functional transformation of the space.

We aim to cross or rather expand the boundaries of artistic categories; in other words, we intend to treat them with liberty. We are most intrigued by the interdisciplinarity between the fields of fine art and music, with special regard to time-based forms of art that can be experienced in the process. In our view and practice, not only the end product can be considered an artwork, but also the procedure, and this artwork is given real life to by the spectator, which accordingly makes the audience part of the process.

In 2021, we plan to present projects by the following artists: Dani Gal, Annika Kahrs, Arnold Dreyblatt, Song-Ming Ang, Anri Sala, Hassan Khan, Ari Benjamin Meyers and Elmar Hess.


Yellow Solo was founded by Hajnal Németh in collaboration with ag–prop team.

Partner: Péter Barta Collection